About Us

We are a registered company with the Care and Quality Commission (CQC) and a recruiter of health and social care professionals and non professionals in accordance with the United Kingdom (UK) Employment Law. With no shareholders involved, our clients and staff are our main focus. We provide adequate health and social care trainings to our staffs which meets the needs of our existing and potential clients.

Through our recruitment process which involves adverts, short listing and interviewing of candidates, we are able to provide quality service to our service users


We work in different units in private hospitals such as receptions, surgical and medical wards, operating theatres, outpatients, kitchens and domestics. To achieve this, we provide a range of health and social care professionals who include receptionists, nurses, surgeons, healthcare assists, chefs, kitchen assistants and cleaners.


In nursing and residential care homes, we provide both palliative and respite care to our clients through our nurses, care assistants, managers and administrators.

 “We make it a priority to provide exception care services to our clients


We provide health and social care service to vulnerable clients who live in their respective accommodations through our carers who engage in personal care, administering and prompting medication, preparing and serving meals, laundry services, shopping and domestic cleaning. We prioritise the protection of our service users from harm, danger or abuse through our policy on safeguarding.

“We make it a priority to provide exceptional services to our clients.”